1080p Full HD & Brilliant Color Night Vision

True 1080p Full HD and CMOS sensor make you see clearer and more with every subtle details. Featuring 80ft night vision in total darkness (130ft in ambient light), advanced 3D-DNR and DWDR technology make sure everything captured at night is crisp and clear. Turn on the 12pcs white lights, this WiFi camera delivers image and footage in vibrant color and better clarity when the night falls. Full-color videos enables you to see more valuable details to identify people, cars and any other objects even at night.

Black & Night Vision Mode
Color Night Vision Mode

Three Night Vision Modes

With 12pcs powerful warm white LEDs and 12pcs IR-LEDs, a more agile camera supports 3 night vision modes: Infrared (black & white), Full Color and Smart night vision mode. Customize your night vision mode via the App to suit all your needs at night time surveillance.

Smart Light and Sound Warning

As your guard in every night, this cam is alert and ready to react to any potential danger via smart light and sound alarm system - triggered by human motion events or controlled manually via App - to keep troubles away. Built-in 12pcs brilliant white lights and high-pitched siren (up to 85dB) offering double insurance and let you stay protected even when you are asleep.
  • Human-activated light alarm
  • Built-in Siren
  • Push notifications

Smart AI Human Detection

Upgraded human detection will trigger alerts instantly when human is spotted in your motion zone to let you know someone is approaching your home, effectively avoiding “false positives” caused by pets, vehicles or other moving objects. It can distinguish human from other moving object like some flying bugs or tree branches, and send you notifications that really matters.

* Ideal range for human detection: 7.2-8.2ft

  • Human-Form Detection
  • Motion Zone
C190 two way audio

See, Hear and Talk over the Camera

You can check on everything you hold dear from afar, no matter you're in your office or on a long trip. Get remote access via free ZOSI Smart App on your ios and Android mobile devices or via free AVSS Client on your computer.

Not only can you watch live stream of your home or business, this WiFi camera featuring powerful speaker and microphone with noise cancellation and echo suppression allows you to listen and talk to your families, staff or even the unwanted. Get fully involved in even when you are not there.

Diverse and Easy Installation

Versatile multi-axis mounting bracket make this WiFi camera highly flexible in placement. Simply install it on the wall that works on just about any solid surface, or mount it to the ceiling and secure the camera. You can place this camera pretty much anywhere you can reach and enjoy all-round protection, it’s that simple.

C190 provides real time monitoring of house safety during outdoor rooftops during the day.
C190 provides real time monitoring of house security on the outdoor front door fence during the day.

Stay Aware of Everything You Hold Dear

Always keep an eye on your home or business on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Watch live streaming, playback the critical moments, check on  your property from afar.

  • Multi-Channel Live View Watch the live feed of multiple cameras on the same screen. Easier to have an overview of your property.
  • Motion Alerts Send you real-time alerts when motion events are detected via App push notifications.
  • Motion Zone Set up a specific area you need to monitor and obtain alerts that really matter.
  • Playback Playback any recorded video via App/Client. Quickly search by timeline or search for motion events, replay, save and share the footages you want.
  • Schedule Record Record based on your own custom schedule time.

Perfect for Outdoor Surveillance

Enclosed in solid aluminum metal exterior, this vandal-resistant camera can withstand high-tensity destruction. Furthermore, with IP66 weatherproof rating, this robust camera is built tough enough to stand harsh weather conditions – rain or shine, cold or heat. Go ahead and install it in your garage, driveway or anywhere outdoor or indoor as you want.

C190 can also work normally on rainy nights and provides smart light and sound warning.