Battery Security Camera

Install the Cameras Wherever You'd Like

ZOSI battery-operated security cameras are 100% wire-free cameras, require no other power, no cords, no wiring! External solar panels and long-lasting battery power provide full day and night non-stop power. Featuring Portable, Wire-Free, Hassle-Free and all-weather design, provide indoor and outdoor surveillance.


Get Non-Stop Solar Powered

ZOSI solar panel keeps the battery fully charged, get affordable, clean, non-stop solar power, and no need to replace and recharge the battery anymore.

Long-Lasting Battery Power

Armed with a high-capacity rechargeable battery, ZOSI battery powered camera can last up to 6 months (20 times trigger/day) and one year standby time.

100% Wireless & Portable

Rechargeable battery and WiFi connection make it 100% wire-free. No cables or wiring hassles at all! You can feel free to place it anywhere in minutes.

Proactive Light & Siren Alarm

This never-sleep cam is alert and ready to react to any potential danger via powerful strobe light and loud siren warning to keep troubles away.

Two-Way Audio Intercom

Built-in mic and speaker let you to hear and speak to whomever is there in real time. Give a respond to the mailman or a warning to the unwelcome.

PIR Motion Detection

It offers accurate detection with smart PIR sensor, and thus highly reduces false alerts on irrelevant objects’ movements.

SD Card Storage & Cloud Service

With a Micro SD card slot, you can save motion clips to a max 128GB Micro SD card, or back up in the encrypted cloud, protecting data and privacy.

More Smart Home Features

Get remote access from anywhere, event playback timeline, real-time alerts, weatherproof for outdoor and indoor use.

*Please refer to the specific ZOSI Battery Security Camera product page for details.


  • How long do battery powered security cameras last?

    Batteries in wire-free security cameras can last up to 3 months per charge (with 30 triggers per day). In high-traffic areas, they may deplete more quickly, typically lasting around 2 to 3 months. To eliminate concerns about battery drain, consider connecting the camera to a ZOSI solar panel to harness clean, free, and sustainable solar power.

  • What security camera has the best battery life?

    The Zosi Outdoor Camera's Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery, maximum battery life of up to five years per charge is impressive, which can vary depending on the battery type. Making it a top pick if you need a "set it and forget it" option.

  • How many cameras can I add to this system?

    You can add up to 8 cameras to the system.

  • Do I need a subscription to use the system?

    No, you don't need subscription and any extra fees to use the camera, including all the functions like live view, playback, and motion detection alerts.

  • Can I view the camera on desktop computers such as TV, PC, and Mac ?

    Yes! Simply connect the NVR to your desktop computer with a HDMI cable(Package included).

  • Can I view or control the camera from another location?

    Yes, you can view and control your camera remotely on ZOSI Smart App, as long as it has power and both your camera and phone have access to the internet.

  • How does the siren and warning light work?

    You can decide when and where to activate the siren and warning light, by customizing the detection zone and time period. And you can also turn on/off the light and siren individually and together manually.