Two-Way Audio Cameras

Empower your surveillance experience with our two-way audio cameras, ideal for situations where seamless communication is key. Whether you need to listen or talk to someone near the security camera, our WiFi cameras and PoE cameras simplify the setup of high-quality video and audio.


Where to install a two-way audio security camera?

Unlock the versatility of two-way audio security cameras for various applications:

Home Uses:

  • Front Porch: Greet visitors or guide package deliveries.
  • Backyard/Lawn: Communicate with family members outdoors.
  • Intruder Deterrent: Startle and deter potential intruders.
  • Elderly Care: Monitor and assist elderly family members.

Business Uses:

  • Employee Communication: Provide directions and monitor tasks.
  • Shipping/Receiving: Coordinate with delivery services.
  • Access Control: Supplement access systems for visitor communication.
  • Security: Deter solicitors and loiterers without leaving your workspace.
Which security cameras support Two-way audio?

Zosi offers a variety of IP cameras with two-way audio capabilities, which include built-in speakers and microphones. For indoor use in a quiet environment, we recommend purchasing our built-in Two-Way Audio Security Camera or Indoor Wireless Two-Way Audio Security Camera.

How to enable and use two-way audio on a security camera?

To enable and use two-way audio on your security camera, simply download Zosi Smart App or PC/Mac client software. With any of our two-way audio cameras, you can easily communicate with a person standing in front of the camera. Once your camera or security camera system is connected to the mobile app or computer software, you can start talking at the touch of a button.