What if the hard drive can't be recognized by DVR/NVR system?

1. If you buy the hard drive from our company, but it can't be recognized by our DVR/NVR system, please follow up the below steps to check it:

    A.  Please switch another working 12V power supply to connect the DVR / NVR system to try.

    B. Please disassemble the rear cover of the DVR/NVR to check if the power wire and data wire of the hard drive are connected well, you can re-connect them to try.

C. If the wires are connected well, but the hard drive still can't be recognized, please remove this hard drive from the DVR/NVR, then install it to your other device (DVR, NVR, or computer)to test if it can work normally.

       If you have another working internal hard drive, you can also install it to the DVR/NVR to test.

  D. If these can't help you, please contact us and provide us your order number / order ID, and help to confirm the model number of your DVR/NVR, we will find a best solution for you.

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