4K PoE Camera System

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C225 4K 8CH 4-Cam Security System + 2TB Hard Drive

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C225 4K 16-Cam PoE Security System + 4TB Hard Drive

ZOSI 4K PoE Security Systems

ZOSI surveillance systems with high definition POE cameras, for delivering 4K high definition videos for greater clarity, even at night. Featuring all-weather design PoE IP cameras, AI human detection, color night vision, light & siren alarm, and working perfectly with ZOSI PoE Network Video Recorders(NVRs), provide 24/7 indoor and outdoor surveillance.


PoE True Plug&Play Installation

8-channel and 16-channel PoE security camera systems running one single PoE cable for power, video, and sound make it easier to set up and install.

4K Super HD HDR & 16:9

With ultra HD 4K high dynamic range cameras, capture more light, which improves color, contrast, and low-light performance. Enjoy 16:9 Widescreen Aspect.

Smart Person & Vehicle Detection

Powered by smart AI detection, this camera identifies people and vehicles. Get notified of suspicious activity near your home or shop. No subscription fee required!

Starlight Night Vision

ZOSI PoE security system with a starlight sensor provides clearer night vision for face and license plate recognition, even in low-light conditions.

24/7 Video & Audio Recording

Built-in 3TB/2TB/1TB Security Grade Hard Drive, users are provided 24/7 recording. Support memory stick or external Hard Drive and multiple recording options.

Smart & Active Deterrence

These cameras are alert and ready to react to any potential danger via a smart light alarm system to keep troubles away even if you are asleep.

Two-Way Audio Intercom

Built-in mic and speaker let you to hear and speak to whomever is there in real time. Give a respond to the mailman or a warning to the unwelcome.

More Smart Home Features

All-weather advanced H.265+ video compression security camera. Easy video search & playback, remote access & control, customized motion detection & smart alerts.

*Please refer to the specific ZOSI 4K PoE IP Security System product page for details.


  • Is 8MP the same as 4K?

    4K surveillance cameras offer high resolution 3840*2160 with over 8 million pixels, the 8 million pixels is why a 4K camera is also considered or called an 8MP security camera.

  • Are 4K security cameras better?

    4K IP Cameras are going to produce significantly more detail at any distance. For images around or beyond 50 feet, it's the only resolution that has the capability of getting smaller details like faces and license plate characters.

  • Does 4K security camera need 4K monitor?

    Is a 4K Monitor/TV Required for 4K Security Systems? It is recommended to use a 4K monitor/TV for your 4K security camera systems to avoid possible compatibility issues. Using a less advanced monitor will likely affect the resolution of the images.

  • Is PoE good for security cameras?

    Better Scalability: PoE cameras offer better scalability compared to traditional power-wired cameras. They are quicker to install and easier to scale up as needed. Adding additional security cameras is as simple as adding extra network connections, without the need for complex wiring.

  • Does this 4K PoE system support 24/7 recording?

    Yes, all the ZOSI 4K PoE IP cameras support 24/7 recording, motion-triggered recording, scheduled recording, and automatically overwrite the oldest videos once the storage is full.

  • Do I need a subscription to use the 4K PoE system?

    No, you don't need subscription and any extra fees to use the camera, including all the functions like live view, playback,and AI person & vehicle detection.