ZG3012M Battery Wireless Camera_V1.00.005Z_6a0X Upgrade File ALL_FW_SN93700.bin

This upgrade file only works for the ZG3012M Battery Wireless Cameras.

You can find your camera's model number on the label of your camera. 


You can follow up the guide below to upgrade the Battery Wireless camera:

1) You needn't open the upgrade file, please directly download the upgrade file ALL_FW_SN93700.bin file in the root directory, not save it under any other folders.

Note: to perform this process, you will want to use a USB 2.0 drive ideally 16 GB or less in size, formatted in FAT32.

Some customers have reported issues when downloading this file using the "Microsoft Edge" browser.

If the file was downloaded using the Microsoft Edge browser, this will cause the file to be converted to a text file, which can't be read by the NVR. We recommend using a different browser for this process.

In case it helps, here is a link to a Youtube video demonstrating the process: 


If you're unfamiliar with how to format a USB in FAT32, this video provides the steps.


2) The file name must remain exactly as listed in the article for the NVR to recognize it as an update.

It should be ALL_FW_SN93700.bin, if the file name is changed to ALL_FW_SN93700.bin(1), the upgrade will be failed.

3) Before starting to upgrade, please go to NVR's IPC Channel Config to click "Upgrade".

mceclip0.png   mceclip1.png


4) Select one camera and then click "Upgrade". You will see a warning popup, please click "OK".




5) Please unplug the mouse and then plug your flash drive within one minute.

6) It can upgrade automatically as long as it has electricity, the upgrade process need to last several minutes, please be patient. 

If the upgrade is failed, we suggest you change another U-disk or USB port to try.

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