DVR Operation – Network > Substream

These options determine the quality of video streamed from the DVR to the Zosi View app. Higher settings will require a stronger internet connection.

  1. Channel List: List of available channels.
  2. Resolution: The supported resolution is CIF.
  3. FPS: The frames-per-second sent to your mobile device. The range is from 1 to 6. The default is 6.
  4. Encode: Supports Variable-Bit-Rate (VBR) and Constant-Bit-Rate (CBR). The default is VBR.
  5. Quality: Select the quality of video being sent to your mobile device. The default is “lower” quality to save the user bandwidth.
  6. Max Bitrate: Select the maximum bitrate available to be sent to your mobile device. A higher bitrate will use more data.

Use the bottom row to manage all channels at once.

Remember to “Apply” your settings before exiting the menu.

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