DVR Operation – Live > Main Monitor

Choose between several different display options for the Live View and Scan screens.

1. Display Mode: Select how many channels are displayed while using the Scan feature found in the Quick Menu. View up to 9 screens at once in a 3×3 formation.

2. Channel Selection: Select where each channel displays. Selecting different configurations using the Display Mode drop-down menu will give more options in the Channel Selection box.

3. Interval[S]: The amount of time in seconds before changing to another channel while using the Scan feature. The default is 5 seconds.

4: Groups: Use the blue arrows to the right and left of the Interval box to switch between each separate group of your Scan. Each group can be individually customized using the other options. You can see which group you’re on in the top right corner, or when you hover over one of the blue arrows.

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