Security Guide

Outdoor Surveillance Fighters in the Camera Industry

In the next few days, large-scale rain and snow weather will occur on a global scale, especially in the northern hemisphere. Thinking of the weather of minus ten degrees, I shivered and did not dare to go out.

For construction personnel working during winter, it is necessary to strengthen management in winter and carefully patrol to ensure perimeter safety. The wind in winter is dry and fire accident easily occurred, and it is necessary to eliminate fire hazards in key monitoring of living areas, storage areas for inflammable and explosive materials, power distribution facilities and other key areas.

Since construction safety production and fire prevention work during winter are indispensable, the construction personnel need to overcome difficulty of going out. They are easy to suffer from the rheumatism since working in an extreme low temperature environment for a long time. While outdoor engineering-level ZOSI monitoring camera can help patrol personnel to reduce the time length and frequency of going out. Through real-time detection of the video, they can observe the outside situation just in a warm indoor environment. They don’t need to stay around and check back and forth any more.

The ordinary surveillance camera is easy to crash in rain, snow, wind, low temperature, freezing, fog and other bad weather phenomena. Because the surveillance camera should work normally in a normal temperature environment. Its internal electronic components would be affected by the environment if the temperature is too high or too low. As a result, it will affect the use of camera. If the ambient temperature is too low, the electronic device will not reach the preheat value, which will also affect the working characteristics of the machine. However, this ZOSI surveillance camera is specially designed for outdoor cold conditions. Its all-metal case is putting it a “cotton jacket” on the body to keep warm. The front cover can block the rain and snow from penetrating into the lens, which will double its durability compared with the ordinary camera.

In winter, the camera is prone to mist because the camera works in a humid and dusty environment. Its window glass of the protective cover is prone to dirt, causing the light entering the camera to be blocked and the camera to fail to capture objects. As a result, the monitoring effect of camera will be directly affected. For the waterproof of camera, We ZOSI outdoor camera has an invisible wiper window, which performs well in repelling water and dust. As we know, joints and screw joints are parts which is easy to appear water leakage. For the sealing of the camera, ZOSI outdoor surveillance camera has an aluminum alloy casing bonded with high quality silicone material, improving the joint accuracy to a large extent.

So you don’t have to stay in the cold and windy outdoor environment of minus ten degrees for more than 10 minutes, let ZOSI outdoor network camera monitor the lands of a few hundred miles away instead of your eyes.