Having CCTV Security Cameras in Bathrooms Is It Legal How to Identify
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Hidden CCTV Security Cameras in Bathrooms: Is It Legal & How to Identify

Have you ever put in mind hidden cameras in bathrooms? At a time, it can be quite traumatizing if you find one. Besides, it can be a huge intrusion of privacy.

Cases of hidden cameras are becoming common, with devices found in places such as public bathrooms and changing rooms.

A bathroom or bedroom is supposed to be a private place, safe from prying eyes.

So, are there cameras in public bathrooms? Is it legal to put security cameras in bathrooms? Can employers install CCTV cameras in employees’ restrooms? How to know if a public bathroom has a camera installed?

This post will share useful information with you including places where security cameras are not allowed, cases regarding surveillance cameras in public bathrooms and practical tips on how to identify such hidden cameras.

In this article, we shall discuss the legality of the case and understand what it involves when having security cameras in bathrooms, what you need to know if it is legal or illegal.


#1. Is It Legal to Put Video Cameras in Bathrooms

You may find security cameras installed in unexpected places nowadays.

For example, video cameras in bathrooms.

On June 2, a Wi-Fi camera was found inside a women’s bathroom at a Starbucks in Allen Park.

And last May, a hidden camera was discovered inside the women’s changing area and restroom at Switch CrossFit gym in Clinton Township.

However, can the usage of surveillance equipment go that far?

1. Is it allowed to put video Cameras in Restrooms?

There is a need to ask yourself, is it illegal to put cameras in bathrooms? You find that in most places is considered illegal. Besides, the law considers it unlawful, and you may face legal action if you do so.

Amicably, all other places considered as private are not supposed to have CCTV cameras. These locations include but are not limited to:

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Changing rooms
  • Hotel rooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Any other places that people may get undressed

Infringement to this may yield severe punishment on the offender.

Nevertheless, there is always an exception to this rule. There is no particular law in several states that focuses on restraining cameras in non-public places. Let’s look at circumstances under which it is okay to install one.

2. When is it allowed to put security Cameras in Bathrooms?

In fact, there are also some exceptions when putting video cameras in bathrooms that could be considered legal:

  • Where it is a public Bathroom in usual areas: Places like educational institutions like colleges and schools are allowed. Amicably, you may find cameras in bathrooms to reduce indiscipline cases like drug abuse. Having them installed aids in reducing the causes of drug abuse in schools.
  • Where in individual bathrooms: You can install security cameras in your bathroom. Equally, your house is private property. You have all the freedom to make any changes as you wish. You cannot put on security cameras in bathrooms where it’s a rental house. Furthermore, you don’t need to make your tenants feel uneasy with hidden security cameras. Always inform your visitors about any existing video cameras in the bathroom. You can opt to put them off to avoid inconveniencing them temporarily.
  • Proper notice to inform others of the existence of Security Cameras: It would be best to have a written statement with a win consent before setting any hidden cameras in bathrooms. Always put a notice to avoid finding yourself on the other side of the law.

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Mind that in states like Florida and Michigan, it is unlawful to record conversations without the consent of all parties. So, putting a security camera in public restrooms that enables audio recording to eavesdrop on someone’s private conversation is also illegal.

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#2. Reasons as to Why you should Hide Security Camera in Bathroom

There is a need to hide security cameras in the bathroom for the following reasons:

  • To track any suspicious visitors: Sometimes you may have visitors you really can’t trust. The visitors often tend to go to the bathroom to hide. With a security camera around your bathroom, you will be able to view video and get to know any issue.
  • To monitor your house managers: Once you hire a person to take care of your children and the entire household, you need a security camera. Furthermore, you cannot trust your nannies fully. Typically, you cannot fully trust your nannies. You will monitor how they treat your children in the bathroom area. Besides, the security of your child should come first.
  • For safety precautions in the bathroom: Your kids may be playing around the bathtub—hidden security cameras aids in monitoring them. You will be able to know in case of any item which is subject to cause accidents.
  • Spotting a robber: Hidden cameras in bathrooms will enable you to spot an intruder in the house. Occasionally, house intruders use the bathroom windows to access the house.
  • Employees’ bathrooms: Employees tend to hide and steal office items and hide in the bathroom. Moreover, they may use it, but you will track them with a camera.

#3. How to Identify Hidden Cameras in Bathrooms: 3 Practical Solutions

As hidden cameras have been widely used in private areas, be aware of your surroundings especially when you are using a public restroom.

To detect disguised spy cameras in bathrooms, take these practical tips into account:

Solution 1. Check If There Are Any One-Way Mirrors in the Bathrooms

Establish a regular mirror where people hide a security camera for recording. Put your fingertip on the mirror. A reflection with a gap between your fingers will be seen, meaning it is a real mirror.


Different between one way mirrors and normal mirrors

In case there is no gap, then it is a one-way mirror. Typically, it means it is a hidden security camera.

Solution 2. Examine the Suspicious Items Inside the Bathrooms

You might spot things like wall hooks, strange screws, power outlets, light fixtures. In addition to this, products like light bulbs, USB chargers may exist and will be found around the bathroom areas. Besides, these items come along with security cameras.

Solution 3. Locate Hidden Cameras by Using Your Mobile Phones

Have a smartphone with an app to scan devices. The device is usually attached to the property network and can detect WI-FI cameras.

First, take your smartphone and make a call while in the bathroom. Make movements and standstill. You will hear certain distractions. Amicably, use your downloaded detector app and check any hidden camera. Put the light off, and you will be to see one.

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#4. What to Do If You Find Security Cameras in Bathrooms: Can’t-Miss Tips Here

When you find hidden security cameras in bathrooms, changing rooms and other intimate places, do not touch the video cameras with your bare hands, to avoid possible contamination of key evidence.

Instead, you may collect concrete proofs and take legal actions to defend your privacy.

Note that the following tips don’t apply to the cases when security cameras are set up and operated in bathrooms within the laws (with proper notices & no intimate activity is filmed).

Collect amicable and credible evidence

  1. Take pictures and record videos: Such materials will be used as evidence for legal action.
  2. Use video surveillance to local law: Read local laws regarding the legality of CCCTV cameras in bathrooms. Always consult a lawyer in case you are in doubt of anything.
  3. Leave the premises: Once you feel you are in danger, vacate the premises immediately.
  4. Unplug the device: If you feel uncomfortable, remove the camera.
  5. Confront business owner: If no notice was there, take legal action. Maybe the owner installed the camera secretly.

#5. What to consider when installing Security Cameras in Bathrooms

Installing a security camera in the bathroom is not an easy decision to make. Ensure you do not install the cameras in places the law does not allow. For example, areas like changing rooms, bedrooms, restrooms and bathrooms. You will not be happy if you find a camera in such anyway.

On the other hand, before you install, always notice businesses. Besides, always consult a lawyer to avoid any infringement of the law.


Hidden cameras in bathrooms are not allowed in most states, especially in private areas. Amicably, places like changing rooms, restrooms and bathrooms. However, one can install one to monitor students’ movements in schools and colleges.