Durable Lithium-ion Battery

C301 camera equipped with 7800mA rechargeable battery which is designed for low power-consumption and long-lasting usage – saves your money and effort. This wire-free cam only wakes up when motion is detected which greatly strengthen its battery life, it could last up to 6 month under normal use (15 times trigger/day). When the battery runs out, simply remove the battery and recharge it.

Intelligent Siren Alarm

Security should never get bothered by darkness. Once any human movements are detected, siren alarm will be activated automatically to scare off would-be intruders.
  • Built-in Siren
  • Push notifications
  • Email

Long Distance Wireless Range

This wire-free camera support up to 250ft wireless connection in home environment and up to 1000ft distance in open areas. C301 camera use proprietary 2.4GHz FHSS technology to prevent or eliminate interference with your WiFi router. Robust long-range WiFi signal ensures reliable WiFi connection that minimizes signal loss.

Non-Stop Solar Powered

You can also choose our solar panel to power your camera and extend the battery life. Easy-to-install weatherproof solar panel is ideally suited for outdoor life, providing full day and night non-stop power for the wire-free camera. Connect your C301 cam to this solar panel to obtain affordable, clean and reliable solar power.

* Solar panel requires a separate purchase.

1080p Full HD & Excellent Night Vision

See everything clearer with full 1080p HD resolution. With 2 Megapixels CMOS sensor, the camera get crisper and more vibrant images/videos than 720p cameras. Built-in infrared LEDs featuring 90° wide viewing angle enables up to 80ft night vision. Along with advanced IR cut filter and 3D-DNR technology filtering out digital noise from low-light scenes, ensuring that any footage captured at night is clear and sharp.

Wireless Receiver Delivers Stronger Signal

The wireless receiver is used to connect your wire-free cameras to your NVR. Place it at a higher position, or you can install the weatherproof receiver on the outside of your house for better WiFi reception and flawless streaming.

Replaceable Battery Backup

C301 security camera kit comes with an extra battery for replacement. You can rely on this backup battery to power on the camera and have it continuing to work when the previous battery is recharging.

Low-Battery Notifications

Besides, when battery capacity reaches 20%, you will receive a low-battery notification via ZOSI Smart App. So there’s no need to worry about checking the battery manually or having the battery run out without knowing.

Live View & Two-Way Audio

View live streaming and keep track of what’s happening via free ZOSI Smart App or PC client. With built-in mic and speaker, you can also listen and speak to whomever is there. Talk with your kids and elders at home, play with your pets. Or you can even make a audible warning and talk back to the thieves without a head-on confrontation.

Advanced Thermo-Sense Motion Detection

Smart PIR (passive infrared) sensor that detects movement of objects that give off heat, so it can distinguish human from falling leaves and tree branches. For more accurate, camera is suggested to be installed around 6 meters away from the area you want to watch. What’s more, you can customized detection setting by creating specific motion zones and control how sensitive sensor will be.

Easy Installation, Place It Anywhere

Wanna get rid of the tiring process of running cables all over your property? This system is a perfect option for you. The 100% wire-free battery powered cameras can work independently with absolutely no power cable and no outlets needed. Get it charged up, then just put it anywhere you need monitoring. No sweat at all!

Stay Connected and Protected, Anytime & Anywhere

Always keep an eye on your home or business on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Watch live streaming, playback the critical moments, check on everything you hold dear even from miles away.

  • Multi-Channel Live View Watch the live feed of multiple cameras on the same screen. Easier to have an overview of your property.
  • Motion Alerts Send you real-time alerts when motion events are detected via App push notifications, emails and buzzer alarms in the NVR.
  • Playback Playback any recorded video via App/Client. Quickly search by timeline or search for motion events, replay, save and share the footages you want.
  • Schedule Record Record based on your own custom schedule time.

One-touch Emergency Alarm

When it comes to emergency situation, tap on the “Alarm” logo on the front of the NVR to trigger 4 cameras to activate light and siren alarm at the same time. It deters the intruder or thief by setting off loud siren and turning on brilliant spotlight alarm. And one tap again to turn off the alarm for all the cameras easily.

NVR Wireless Connect

With advanced built-in WiFi technology, this NVR is able to connect to your router, wirelessly. When your router is too far away from your device or it’s not convenient to connect the NVR to router using a network cable, you can get access to wireless network in the NVR network setup system.

Flexible and Reliable Local Storage

The recorder comes with a Micro SD card slot that supports up to 128GB storage. You can choose to record continuously or save the motion-triggered video to HDD  or to the Micro SD card in the NVR. Plus, you can upgrade the hard drive up to 8TB Max for more storage space if desired. So the critical moments will never slip away.


PC Client Compatible

Not only can you view on mobile devices, you can also get access to your wire-free security system and its setting through ZOSI’s AVSS Client using a PC or laptop. With this client software, you can view live feed, and replay the recorded footage without consuming the battery power.

Remote Access in Minutes

1.Quick & Simple Connection

2.Download Free ZOSI Smart App

3.Enjoy Live View

Truly Weatherproof Design

This wire-free security camera with IP66 weatherproof rating is perfect for outdoor surveillance. No matter rain or shine, cold or hot, the camera fear no weather conditions. Just go ahead and place it anywhere outdoor or indoor as you like.