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Zosi NVR Operation – Zosi Smart

Connecting your Zosi NVR to your Zosi Smart Account

To view your footage from your mobile device, you will need to connect your Zosi Smart account to your DVR.


Before starting:

        1. Ensure your NVR has a connection to the internet. Plug an active Ethernet Cable into the back of the NVR, and get an “OK” message when you test your internet connection in the Network > Network menu.
        2. Navigate to the Information > System screen so you are able to view your unique Device ID and QR Code. The QR code is also available in the Setup Wizard



1. Open the Zosi Smart app and log-in with your Zosi Smart Username and Password. If you haven’t created an account, please click here.

2. Once you’ve logged in, click the upper right corner to add device.

3. Select the device type you want to add. Select NVR if you need to add an Analog, Wireless or PoE recorder. Select the “IP Camera” option if you’d like to add an IP Camera.


If you have a Zosi NVR, you’ll see the above screenshot. Select your NVR type by tapping the corresponding icon.

If you have a Zosi IP Camera, select the “Camera” option in the left-hand column, and you will see the image below. Select your model of camera by tapping the corresponding icon.

4.  Once you select the type of device you wish to add, your phone’s camera will turn on. Once the camera turns on, scan the QR code by pointing the camera at the QR code found on the Information > System menu. The NVR will audibly “beep” once the code has been scanned.

If you get a message saying that your QR code is EXPIRED, select the icon in the top right hand corner that looks like a pencil, as seen below.

This will let you add your device ID manually.



Once you select the pencil icon, you’ll see the below image.

Enter your DeviceID as it’s seen on the System > Information menu. The Device ID is case sensitive.

The “Password” field is the password for your DVR, not the password for your app’s account.

By default, there is no NVR password, so if you haven’t set up a password on the NVR itself, you may be able to leave the password field empty.

The “Name” field can be used to name your device. It can be anything you’d like.



Once you are finished, select “Next” to add your device.

5. Congratulations. You have added your NVR to your Zosi Smart account. To view your cameras, tap the NVR to reveal the drop down menu, and select which cameras you wish to view.

Please allow time for buffering, and please be advised the the quality of the image is contingent on your internet speeds.

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