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NVR Operation > Network Setup > Email


The Email menu will allow you to associate an email address with your NVR, so you’re able to receive email alerts.



  1. Email Function – Enable this option to enable email notifications from the NVR.
  2. SMTP Provider – Select your SMTP provider from the drop down menu. Several options are provided, but if you would like to input your own information you can select “User Custom” from the list.
  3. SMTP Server – Enter the SMTP server address in this field.
  4. Port – Enter the port used by the SMTP server.
  5. Encryption Type – Input the encryption type used by the SMTP server.
  6. Sender – Input the email address where the email is being sent from.
  7. Password – Input the password of your email address.
  8. Sendee 1 & 2 – Input the address that will receive the sent email. This can be the same as the sender address. It is not mandatory to fill both the “Sendee 1” and “Sendee 2” fields, but you must have at least one filled. 
  9. Subject – Input the Subject line of the email.
  10. Interval – Input how many seconds can pass between sending emails.
  11. Health Mail Enable – Enable this option to have the NVR run a test to ensure the email function is working properly.
  12. Health Mail Interval – Select how often the email test is run. 
  13. Test – Sends a test email using the provided settings.
  14. Reset All – Resets all of the information in the form back to default settings.

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