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Encode Setup

The Encode Setup menu allows you to configure the way the image is displayed on the app when in Main Stream and Sub Stream modes.

In the “Advanced” section on the Video Manage menu, there is an option for “Automatic Bitrate” which can be enabled to automatically manage these values.

If Automatic Bitrate is not enabled, you will be able to access the options on this menu.

If the Automatic Bitrate option is enabled, these options will be selected by the NVR, and will not be able to be changed from their values.

  1. Channel – Select which channel you’d like to modify.
  2. Encode Mode – If you’re using a camera with a built in microphone, you can select whether you want to save the video as video only, or video and audio.
  3. Bitrate Mode – Select between Constant or Variable bit rate.
  4. Resolution – Select the output resolution of your cameras.
  5. Encode Format – Select the encoding format used to encode and compress your recorded video. 
  6. Quality – Select the level of quality of your recordings. 

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