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Zosi NVR Operation – Shut Down

Shut Down

Select the Shut Down button in the Main Menu to power down the NVR.


Please note: The above video was created for use with the Zosi DVR system, but also displays the same Shut Down option used with certain models of Zosi NVRs.


1. To shut down your NVR, navigate to the Main Menu, by right clicking on the Live View screen and selecting “Main Menu” from the bottom of the Quick Menu. The above window will open. Select the “Shut Down” option.

2. A dialogue box will appear asking you if you’d like to shut down your NVR. Select “OK” to shut down your Zosi NVR.

3. The screen will go black, and there will be a message stating that it is safe to power down your Zosi NVR.

4. Unplug the power from the rear of the machine to completely shut it down.

5. Plug the power back in to get the NVR to start back up.


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