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Zosi NVR Operation – Main Menu

Main Menu

The Main Menu holds several different categories where you can customize and configure your Zosi NVR.

Main Menu

Setup Contains several different system options to personalize and specify settings for your Zosi NVR system, including basic time and date information, as well as recording settings. 

Search – Playback and manage your specific video and image recordings.

Backup – Backup your video and image recordings to a separate external flash drive. 

Information – Contains system, event, log, network, and user information.

Disk Management – Contains information on the NVR’s internal hard drive including available storage space.

Logoff – Logs the current user out of the Zosi NVR system.

Shut Down – Safely powers of the Zosi NVR system.

Update – Updates the NVR’s firmware from USB.


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