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The Using Web AVSS Guide – ZOSI APP

Using Web AVSS

Web AVSS is a program that can be used to view your Zosi footage remotely using your web browser.

To ensure that Web AVSS is compatible with your Zosi DVR, please ensure that the Device ID on your system ends with 111A. You can see your Device ID on the QR code sticker, affixed to the product, or in the DVR’s Information > System menu.

Please download Web AVSS from the following link.

Download Web AVSS Mac Version

Download Web AVSS Windows Version

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll use a program like WinZip or 7zip to extract the files to your computer. When opening the file, please extract either the “Windows” or “Mac” folder, depending on your computer operating system.

As soon as the folder has been extracted to your computer, select the file titled webAvss, and you’ll see the following window:


Select “Deploy Service” to allow your computer to use the Web AVSS service.

Once you’ve selected the Deploy Service option, access your web browser.

In the Address Bar of the browser type “localhost:4200” and hit enter. You will see the following screen:


Enter your Zosi Smart login credentials to access your account. If you do not have a Zosi Smart account, please follow this guide – How to Register a Zosi Smart Account

It’s recommended that you use the Zosi Smart app to connect your account to the DVR, as you will be able to use your phone’s camera to scan the product’s QR code.

If you need assistance with connecting your Zosi Smart account to your DVR, please use the following guide – Connecting your Zosi DVR to your Zosi Smart Account

Once you’ve logged into the Web AVSS browser viewer, you’ll see your DVR listed in the lefthand column. Click on the DVR to reveal the cameras connected, in a drop down menu.

Double-click on the camera you’d like to view, and it will occupy one of the 4 segments in the viewing area.

Please note that at this time you are able to view a maximum of 4 cameras at a time. Use the numbered icons in the bottom right hand corner of the 4th frame to control which set of 4 cameras you wish to view.


To view previously recorded footage, please use the “Replay” option, in the top left hand corner of the window, next to the “Scene” icon.

Select the “Replay” option, and then select the camera you wish to view, from the drop-down menu in the left hand column.

Once you’ve selected the camera you wish to view, select the calendar icon, located along the bottom row of the program, towards the right, as seen below:

Once you’ve selected the calendar icon, select the date you wish to search on the pop-up calendar that displays, then use the time bar located along the bottom row to select the specific time you wish to view.

Use the blue bar to select the general time, and then the red line above to select the specific minute you wish to start viewing from, then select the Play icon, located to the left of the time bar.





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