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General Setup > HDD Setup

The HDD Setup menu will allow you to configure the hard drive installed within your NVR, along with any additional drives attached to the NVR’s USB ports.


  1. Hard Disk List – Contains a list of all drives currently plugged into the NVR. This menu will display the ID, Model, Capacity, Capacity used, and Status of the NVR. You can also Format the NVR by selecting the checkbox, followed by the “format” option. Please be aware that formatting a drive will delete all of its contents.
  2. Auto Delete Old Files – Allow or disallow your NVR to manage your recordings.
  3. Total Size – The total capacity of your NVR’s internal hard drive
  4. Used Size – The amount of hard drive space taken up by recordings.
  5. Free Size – The amount of hard drive space left on your NVR.
  6. HDD Info – Selecting the HDD Info button will display the information as seen below. This will provide detailed information regarding some statistics surrounding the NVR, as seen below.

HDD Info

The HDD Info menu displays a variety of different statistical information about your NVR’s hard drive

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