Zosi Captures

Helpful Evidence to Catch the People Responsible

Criminal activity can’t be avoided 100% of the time. That’s why we need a home security camera which is able to provide the police with helpful evidence in criminal cases and help to catch the people responsible.

And a intruder was caught in action by Zosi 4 Channel 2.0MP Wireless NVR and 4X 1080P IP Camera Security System (SKU: ZSWNVK-B42001)in the below video footage shared by our customer  S. Lee in US who show this helpful evidence to the police.


A thief is caught in stealing the car in the below video footage and is captured by Zosi 8 Channel 720P Security System with 4 Outdoor Security Cameras  (SKU:8ZN-211B4-10) and shared by our customer Brian Knoss in US in the first day he installed our Zosi Security System.


If the above situation happens and you have the home security cameras,then it can help you to record the criminal activities and offer the helpful evidence for police to catch the people responsible.