1080p Full HD & Enhanced Night Vision

With the high resolution of 1920*1080, HD clarity guarantees sharper and smoother video streaming than 720p cameras. It stands guard when you are asleep in every night. 120ft night vision featuring advanced IR-CUT technology make sure any image/video captured at night is crisp and clear.

Smart Light and Siren Alarm

On Call 24/7 to Keep You Protected

This never-sleep cam is alert and ready to react to any potential danger via brilliant spotlight and loud siren warning - triggered by human motion events - to chase away the darkness and the unwanted as well.

  • Bright Spotlight
  • High-pitched Siren
  • Push notifications
  • Emails

Video & Audio Recording

Farewell to silent video! With built-in high-sensitive microphone, you can not only view live feed of what's happening, but also you can hear clearly from the other side anytime anywhere through the camera. Never miss any important details.

Accurate PIR Motion Detection

Highly sensitive PIR (passive infrared) sensor detects movement of objects that give off heat, so it captures all motion events with almost no false alarms. So you will only get informed of what really matters.

  • App
    Instant push notifications sent to your phone.
  • Email
    Send real time alert email with snapshots.
  • Siren
    Trigger by motion, camera sound automatically.
  • Buzzer
    Buzzer in DVR makes sound warning.

Cutting-Edged H.265+ Video Compression

H.265+ technology saves about 50% bandwidth and storage compared with H.264 standard. At the same bandwidth, H.265+ deliver sharper and smoother video streaming, without buffering and latency.


Storage Space


Bandwidth Resources


Loading speed



Storage Space


Bandwidth Resources


Loading speed


High Speed

Lower code rate obtain faster loading speed.

Lower Costs

Deliver the same content with less resource and data consumption.


Provide more without modifying the existent network.

Higher Resolution

Support full HD and higher resolution video

Enjoy 24/7 Protection Anytime & Anywhere

Enjoy remote live view, playback the footage or receive and respond to alerts, easily and instantly with the ZOSI App and AVSS PC Client.

  • Multi-Channel Live

    View live feeds of all cameras at the same time.

  • Motion Alerts

    Receive instant App notification and emails when motion are detected.

  • Motion Zone

    Set up a specific area you need to monitor and obtain alerts that really matter.

  • Schedule Record

    Record based on your own custom schedule time.

  • Playback

    Quickly search by time or motion events. Support muiti-channel playback at the same time.

Infallible 24/7 Recording

With pre-installed 1TB HDD and a total storage capacity up to 8TB, this 5MP Lite DVR system supports 24/7 nonstop recording up to 8 cameras at the same time.

  • Built-in 1TB HDD
  • Expandable up to 8TB

(The high-performance Seagate surveillance-professionally hard disks allow for perfect images, high-quality video footage to be stored with no dropped frames. Brillant heat emission greatly improves reliability in surveillance solutions.)

Upgraded 5MP Lite DVR

Upgraded 5MP Lite DVR can work with ZOSI 2MP HD-TVI, CVI, AHD cameras, and ZOSI 5MP HD-TVI, CVI, AHD cameras(SKU:1AC-2615B-W). It supports up to 5MP HD video input, allowing clearer and sharper viewing experience.

Local and Remote Viewing

For local access and control

Connect the camera system to a monitor or an HD TV.

For remote access and control

Watch live streaming via free ZOSI Smart App on iOS & Android devices, through free ZOSI AVSS Client software on Windows & Mac computers or a web browser.

Only 3 steps to Use ZOSI Smart App

①.Connect ZOSI CCTV System

②.Download Free ZOSI Smart App

③.Enjoy Live view

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