AI Powered Temperature Detection and Alarm

With built-in AI algorithm, the thermal temperature solution can recognize up to 30 simultaneously and measuring their temperature in accuracy up to +/-0.54°F. It includes customizable intelligent alerts and alarm features as well as optional facial recognition capability. Video and temperature will be transmitted to AI powered NVR that will alert of any temperature measurements above the set temperature threshold.

What’s Included

The thermal camera solution comes with high-sensitivity Vanadum Oxide(VOx) thermal hybrid cameras, black body calibrator box, and an AI NVR with pre-installed hard drive and other installation accessories.

High Sensitivity Vox Thermal Camera

Accurate body temperature recordings up to +/-0.54°F.

Black Body Calibrator Box

Calibration for Temperature Measurement.

AI Powered NVR

Supporting face mask detection and temperature measurement and work with up to 4 thermal cameras simultaneously.


The new thermal camera system solution is useful in crowded areas where requires quick non-contact body temperatures measurement. Such application includes distribution centers, retail and manufacturing operations as well as public buildings such as office buildings, hospitals, travel ports, schools and other public services.

office building






distribution center

subway station

How to Purchase?

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