• DVR Operation - Setup Menu

    The Setup Menu contains several different options that will let you configure and customize your Zosi DVR. The Setup Menu is where you will control most of the settings and recordings on your Zosi DVR system. Basic – Customize personal settings, as well as date and time information. Live – Contains settings to change display layouts and colour settings. Record – Set up recording options for your channels....
  • DVR Operation - Basic > System

    The Basic > System menu enables you to change the date and time settings for your Zosi DVR, along with other customization options. The Basic > System menu contains several settings to personalize your Zosi DVR. The options, from top to bottom are as follows: 1. System Type: The name of your Zosi device. Left click to bring up the virtual keyboard to change the...
  • DVR Operation – Basic > Date and Time

    This menu will allow you to adjust the time settings for your Zosi DVR.   Date Format: Select between different formats to display the date. The options are: DD-MM-YY (default) YY-MM-DD MM-DD-YY Time Format: Select between a 12 hour and 24 hour formats. Time Zone: Select your current timezone. Sync Time with NTP Server: Automatically update your system date and time with this feature....
  • DVR Operation – Basic > DST

    Use this page to determine time changes caused by Daylight Savings time. Enable: Select whether you want to enable the tracking of Daylight Savings Time on your system time. Time Offset [Hours]: Determine how many hours you want to offset the time. The default is 1. Mode: Select whether you want the DST settings to take effect on the week of Daylight Savings Time...
  • DVR Operation – Live > Live

    Personalize the names of your cameras and change colour settings. 1. Channel List: List of available channels. 2.Camera Name: Select the text field to name the channel using the virtual keyboard. Select “Enter” to confirm your changes. 3. Colour: Select Setting to alter the Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Contrast and Sharpness settings for the selected channel. Select ‘OK’ to confirm changes.
  • DVR Operation – Information Menu

    This section contains several different information logs, tracking the use of your Zosi DVR System.     System: Displays basic system information for reference purposes. Also includes QR codes and DVR Unique ID for use with the Zosi View app. Event: A searchable list of motion and video loss events that have occurred between the selected dates. Log: A searchable list of actions taken...
  • DVR Operation - Information > System

    The system menu displays the basic system information for reference purposes.   System Type – The name of your Zosi system. You can name your system in the Basic > System menu, under the Device Name setting.  System Number – The number of your DVR. This designation can be useful if you’re using more than one system. You can change the system number in the Basic > System menu,...
  • DVR Operation - Information > Event

    The Event List is a searchable list of motion and video loss events that have occurred between the selected dates. To Search for an Event: 1. Select a Start Time and an End Time for your search using the calendar icons located in the top right corner of the screen. 2. Select the channels you want to search using the check boxes next to channel number. Selected channels will...
  • DVR Operation - Information > Log

    A searchable list of actions taken by all users while accessing the DVR system. From this screen you can see which user has been accessing which function. To search the log: Select a Start Time and an End Time for your search using the calendar icons located in the top right corner of the menu. Select the type of action you want to search for using the checkboxes....
  • DVR Operation – Information > Network

    The network menu displays the current network parameters. It is for reference purposes only.
  • DVR Operation – Information > Online Users

    A log displaying the user information of users who are currently logged into the DVR through online connections.   
  • DVR Operation – Disk Management

      To manage files: 1. Check the box for the drive you want to manage. The DVR’s internal hard drive will always be the first hard drive on the list. 2. Change read and write permissions for the selected hard drive. Do not alter the permissions for the DVR’s internal drive as that could disable the ability to record. The only time this setting would be changed...
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