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Top 6 Benefits of Buying & Using Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP Cameras

Quick: You’ve got a large of land to cover and you don’t want to install 2 or 3 cameras. What do you do with it? The first thought in your head was probably a ”wide-angle camera”. Certainly, that has been the go-to method for many homeowners or business owners.

The wide-angle cameras, for example, fisheye cameras (panoramic video cameras) or PTZ CCTV/IP cameras are widely used in large areas like a crossroads, warehouses, parking lots, stadiums, museums, concert halls and etc.

What’s IP PTZ Cameras?

A PTZ IP camera stands for a pan-tilt-zoom IP security camera, commonly seen as mini-dome PTZ and speed dome PTZ capable of rotating horizontally and vertically as well as zooming in or out to see small details.

Its robotic movement – pan or tilt, is powered by a security camera’s built-in pan-and-tilt motor, which is controllable via software or apps.

Zooming capability is possible because the PTZ surveillance camera is a varifocal lens security camera, which allows you to adjust the focal length to change the field of view.

Why You Should Buy & Use PTZ IP Security Cameras

There are many benefits to having an outdoor HD pan-tilt-zoom security camera. HD IP PTZ cameras are widely used in large areas, such as front door, backyard, parking lot, detached garage, front porch, fenced front yard, driveway, warehouse, workshop, ferry, pier and etc.

Reason 1. Cover Large Areas

PTZ surveillance cameras can rotate horizontally and vertically to cover large areas, for example, ZOSI C289 1080p outdoor PTZ IP camera can pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees to cover wider areas in just one camera.

If you install the ZOSI C289 under the eave in your front door, you should be able to see your front yard, fence, a stretch of road, street, roadside, driveway, porch, and backyard (possibly).

Below is a video shared by a user of the PTZ security camera ZOSI C289.

Reason 2. Zoom In to See Small Details

PTZ IP surveillance cameras are capable of zooming in and out to see small details via mobile apps, desktop software or web browsers.

For example, an HD PTZ IP camera installed on the second floor facing out to the street, can zoom in to see cars strolling down the street, make out faces of people walking by, or identify plate number of vehicles parked outside especially HD outdoor PTZ cameras with the capability of plate recognition.

PTZ security cameras with optical zoom enable users to zoom in and out to capture details without undermining image quality. (See differences between optical zoom & digital zoom)

Reason 3. Preset Function of PTZ IP Cameras

Apart from basic directional controls, right, left, up or down, there are some advanced features in some advanced PTZ cameras, such as PresetCruise/Tour/Patrol.
The Preset setting enables the PTZ camera, such as ZOSI C289, to switch to a pre-determined spot automatically, which facilitate users to keep an eye on various areas of interest.

Reason 4. Tour & Automatic Cruise of PTZ IP Cameras

One of the biggest hook as well as PTZ cameras’ strength is its PTZ Tour/Cruise/Patrol capability; you can define a path for PTZ cameras to patrol these areas automatically and repeatedly at a certain speed.

For instance, over a 1 minute period, some PTZ IP camera can keep an eye on the front door, the gate, the parking lot or the fence line once you chart out the course.

The Tour can repeat indefinitely and at a different speed. (Find out how to configure Tour/Cruise functions)

Reason 5. Flexible in Placement

The pan/tilt flexibility allows for set-it-and-forget-it placement; once the camera is pointed toward the areas you want to monitor, you’ll have a lot of viewing-angle options without ever needing to manually reposition the camera.

Users can control the pan/tilt/zoom to cover strategic areas of interest remotely with ease via mobile apps, web interface and desktop software, which allows the camera to be placed in various locations, such as the rooftopsecond-floor eavewallssoffit, or the overhang of the roof.

Reason 6. Slash Installation Cost

Since one PTZ security camera is sufficient to cover wider areas, thus it would reduce needs to install one more surveillance camera, which in turn reduces the troubles and cost of installation.

What to Look for PTZ IP Security Cameras

There are some nice-to-have features and functions users find helpful in PTZ IP cameras.

HD Video Resolution – High-resolution PTZ IP cameras like 4MP or 6MP are essential in getting clear and sharp images/videos to recognize faces, identify people or vehicles and catch criminals in the act.

IR Night Vision – PTZ IP cameras with IR LEDs and IR filters monitoring property around the clock, especially at night will beef up security, such as in a detached garage or poor-lit backyard.

Waterproof – PTZ outdoor cameras rated over IP66 is rendered as outdoor waterproof and able to withstand the element impacts like rainwater.

Motion Detection & Notification – PTZ cameras capable of detecting movement and pushing notification in real time when movements occur helps you stay in the loop and prompt you to respond timely by catching an intruder in the act, informing police or calling in for help.

Remote Access & Control– users can use mobile apps, software or web browsers to remotely navigate and control pan, tilt and zoom easily with a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are PTZ Security Cameras Expensive

PTZ security cameras are a bit of expensive than fixed lens security cameras as they are inherently packed with more hardware. However, PTZ camera prices vary, for example, best-rated PTZ outdoor IP camera like ZOSI PTZ C289 is the best bang for the buck. (see detail hands-on review).

Wireless pan/tilt security cameras such as ZOSI C289, however, priced around $99.99, is great value for the money and priced below other bullet cameras.

C289 Pan Tilt Zoom Wireless Camera Cameras

Automatic Cruise, Proactive Light & Siren, AI Human Detection, Color Night Vision,Two Way Audio.

Do PTZ Security Cameras Use A Lot of Power

Yes, PTZ security cameras will draw more power when it’s working on patrol loop, estimated roughly 2-4 watts bump (could be more depending on specific models), which seems insignificant in your monthly electricity bill. (Find out more on how much power a CCTV/IP camera use)

Are PTZ Security Cameras Hard to Install or Maintain

It depends. PTZ security cameras for home are easy to install and setup as other bullet or dome security cameras.

Some mini-PTZ IP cameras, such as ZOSI C289, require no serious installation at all and reduce installation even further. Users can just plugin and it works.

Wire-free pan/tilt security cameras like ZOSI Keen eliminate wiring completely.

What to Do If PTZ Control Not Working

PTZ control can be achieved by either using the on-screen controller of the NVR, or PTZ controller on mobile app/desktop software. If you are running problems, for example, the PTZ control is not working.

First and foremost, check the power supply and data connection. Most PTZ cameras run on a different power supply, for example, a mini PTZ uses a 12V power supply while a speed dome uses a 24V power supply.

An unstable network connection or spotty network could contribute to the inability to control pan, tilt and zoom remotely. Besides, updating cameras and NVR’s firmware to the latest version on a regular basis boosts overall performance.