Plug N Play,Easy Setup


Step 1: Connect the DVR with the power adapter,monitor and internet cable;

Step 2: Connect the cameras with DVR via the extension cables;

Step 3: Connect the 8 cameras with another power adapter with 1 to 4 power splitter;

Step 4: Download ZOSI Smart app to remote control the system.

Customizable Motion Detection Area

ZOSI DVR security system allows you to customize the motion detection area in each camera,reducing the number of unnecessary alarms,to save your time and allows you to stay connected to all the unexpected movements.

5MP DVR Main Feature:
Video/Audio input :8CH Video+4CH RCA
Video output: 1CH HDMI+1CH VGA+1CH BNC
Operating System: Embedded LINUX OS
Display: 1/4
USB Interface: 2 x USB2.0
Trigger Event:Recording,PTZ,Tour,Alarm,Video Push,Email,FTP,Spot,Buzzer &Screen Tips
Internal HDD: 1 SATA Port,Up to 6TB.Ethernet: RJ-45 Port
Max.User Asess: 10Users
Remote Operation(via 3G/4G/WIFI): Via http using IE & iPhone,iPad,Android & PC Client
PTZ Control: Support
Dimension: L230*W230*H42mm