Security Guide

5MP Security System Enables Clearer Vision

Many people always want to see a picture with higher definition. The high definition picture not only allows you to see more details, but also gives a comfortable visual experience and fulfills our expectation of what a security system should be.

There are many 2mp security cameras on the market, which meets most people’s daily needs. However, those cameras may have some flaws at particular moment. When you have doubts about a certain screen, it is hard for you to view the details about what happened. The picture quality is not satisfactory; not to mention how terrible the picture may be when being amplified in 4 times.

ZOSI 5mp security system has the resolution of 2560*1920, which provides colorful crystal-clear image and fluent real-time monitoring video. Besides, the 36pcs IR LEDs ensure ultra-clear night vision in darkness with viewing range up to 100ft. The 5mp security system is suitable for applying in places like farms, rural villas, schools, parking lots, supermarkets, factory warehouses, offices and etc., keeping an eye on what matters most to you.

Some people may worry that the higher resolution requires more storage space, which costs a lot. ZOSI 5mp security system not only gives you the sharpness picture quality, but also applies H. 265+ video compression technology to reduce the data transmission time and local storage space. With faster transmission rate and cost-effective performance, ZOSI 5mp security system brings you extremely comfortable monitoring experience and complete peace of mind.