This CCTV power splitter cable is very perfect for your CCTV security camera.

1.Power adapter DC “Y” pigtail 1 to 4/8.
2.DC “Y” pigtail allows up to four security camera connections to a single power adapter.
3.Works very well,if you buy it,your will find that it just what you want.
4.Color:show as pictures

*Manage your power more efficiently with this brand new 1 to 4/8 power splitter
*Simply plug the female jack into an AC to DC power adapter to power multiple electronic devices
*Use this power splitter cable instead of other extra cords
*Cable Length: 39cm/15inches
*8 DC outputs in standard 2.5mm of the most common size
*Perfect for CCTV security camera application in home or office
*Inner Size: 2.1mm
*Outer Size: 5.5mm

1 x Female to 4 Male DC Power Connector


1 x Female to 8 Male DC Power Connector