• Product description

    This 1080p full HD camera has a built-in OSD menu that can change the 4 different video outputs HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS(960H) and adjust the video settings.
    Operation Mode.
    Switch from AHD: Press Leftward for 5 Seconds
    Switch from TVI: Press Rightward for 5 Seconds
    Switch from CVBS: Press Upward for 5 Seconds
    Switch from CVI: Press Downward for 5 Seconds

    This 4-in1 camera is fully compatible for the following HD DVRS:
    Hikvision, Dahua, GW, LTS, Q-see, Swann, Samsung, Night Owl, Best Vision, HD View,
    HQ-CAM, Annke, Aposonic, I-DVR Pro, Vonnic, Digital Watchdog, Logisaf, Sannce,
    Venetech, Speco, Alibi, KT&C, Cantek, ZOSI and many more.

    Q: Video Loss appears where the image from my camera should be displaying on my DVR?
    A: 1. Check the extension cable (power and video) is securely connected to the camera.
    2.Check the video output from the camera is securely connected to a video input channel on the DVR.
    3.Check the power from the camera is securely connected to a power supply.
    4. The camera mode do not match your DVR. There is 2 ways to setup.
    (1) Press OSD Joystick “DOWN” 5 seconds, if still no picture come, try to press “LEFT” “RIGHT”” UP” for 5 second, till the signal matching your DVR.
    (2) Make sure the signal of your DVR, Use OSD Joystick to change the mode of the camera according to your DVRs video Mode.

Package Contents 
1 x 1080p 4 in 1 TVI/CVI/AHD/CVBS Camera